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Word Count For SEO Content: Does It Really Matters?

As we know, content needs to be strategic and engaging from the ranking point of view. If a user lands on your page, it most commonly reads your content but doesn’t count the words. We still feel that the most common but important question arises in every content marketing expert. 

Does the word count of your content matter for SEO?

We will try giving you a significant answer to this very usual question in this blog.
Is Word Count A Ranking Factor?
The recent findings by many technical SEO companies and Digital Marketing experts have confirmed that word count has never been a crucial factor for ranking on any platform. But it is a well-established misconception that putting a large amount of content on a page can help you with better ranking.  Rather than looking at the quantity of the content, try focusing on improving the quality of your content, as it is a far more influential factor. 

How To Improve The Quality Of A Content?

  • Write For Your Audience First
There’s a reason why this SEO content creation advice is at the top of the list. It appears simple enough, but many businesses create content for the wrong reasons. Write material that appeals to your target industry’s interests or addresses their questions. Not every post needs to be more about your item or brand, but they should all be linked to your sector.  Various technical SEO companies recommend writing SEO-friendly, engaging, and informative content to establish yourself and your firm as an industry authority and do better than your competitors.
  • Engaging Titles
Titles are generally short; thus, when you write a title for your content, it should tell the entire purpose and motive of your content. So try writing titles that are clear, interesting, and full of relevant keywords. 
  • Keyword Rich Content (Only Relevant Keywords)
To allow both your viewers and the search engines to understand what the posting is about, use appropriate, keyword-rich words in your titles and across your content. However, be aware that using too many keywords will not only turn away your readers but will also result in keyword cramming fines from search engines. Adhere to a more organic vibe by using keywords deliberately and sparingly. Use blog tags to tag a few relevant keywords for each article, in addition to employing keywords throughout the body of the post; many common websites include tagged features built within.
  • Add Images
Many professional Seo services India make your postings more visually appealing by including photographs. Including an image with your blog article might make a significant impact. Try posts with photos that can be pinned, adding additional sources of web traffic, in addition to enhancing your content across all your other social networking sites.

Ways To Determine How Lengthy Your Content Should Be

If you feel your content is not giving results as per your desired parameters, then probably you may be lacking a proper strategy. You can read out the below-listed techniques that you might find useful for your content. 
  • Review Keyword Strategy
  • Examine Your Competitors
  • Focus On Search Intent
  • Seo Audit
Or, you can even hire the best Seo company in India.

Then What Kicks The Ranking?

There are a lot of misconceptions and a lack of expertise all around. Or even professionals with years of experience seem confused to give a proper insight behind a strong content ranking. Some say go right, so say left. Thus, we have listed some real factors based on the real-time data.
  • Content Structure
Structured components, including header tags, are used by Google to comprehend your article and direct the ideal viewers to your site. Several affordable small business SEO services come with information that has high readability in a precise and structured way.
  • Information Quality
The level of data continues to be a major determinant of search engine result pages page (SERP) ranks. To put it another way, adding a bunch of fluff to boost your total word count isn’t going to assist you. However, according to the majority of professional seo services India, credible information and sites that “show competence, authenticity, and reliability on a certain issue” are prioritized in the search algorithm.
  • Visual And Imagery Support
Pictures and other visual elements can assist you in demonstrating relevance to the targeted term, which is another important element the algorithms consider.
  • Optimize For Special Content Blocks
With specific content kinds and featured snippets, Google keeps making its SERP sites more logical and searchable. Such information organizations can put it at the top of SERP results and typically provide consumers with a quick response.
Let’s Wrap Up
You can stop calculating while writing a seo content as there is nothing like word count. Yes, you can set a certain limit for writing content, but no need to strain on it too much. We have a lot of successful examples of seo for small businesses where there was a short or long format content, but still, they comfortably achieved their goals and are ranking far better on any platform.  Make sure you write keyword-rich content but do not practice keyword stuffing or Seo Audit at the end, as search engines like Google can penalize your content or hire experts with affordable small business SEO services. Must Read:- What Is Semantic SEO, And How Is It Important For Rank Boosting?

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